Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which province is Living Dynamics in?

Gauteng, but we travel all over the country to train in-house for our clients. 

2. Can you customise the training material to suit my company’s needs? 

Yes, we are able to customise the material for you. Our programmes are generic and will suit most industries, but can be partially or completely contextualised to suit our clients' needs.  


3. Will I get a certificate after completing your programmes? 

We are accredited and registered with the Service Seta and the majority of our programmes are aligned to unit standards and carry NQF credits. You or your company may opt to be assessed during training, and if you are found to be competent, you will receive a Seta approved certificate of competency. 


4. Is Living Dynamics accredited with the Setas and can my company claim the Skills levy refund if we use your programmes? 

Yes, Living Dynamics has Full Accreditation with the Service Seta (Decision number 0282) and is registered with CATHSSETA. The majority of our programmes are aligned to unit standards and carry NQF credits. You will be able to claim your skills development levy rebate. 

5. Do you offer any training for school leavers or graduates? 

Yes, we have three, special one day programmes which are offered in-house for new employees who could be school leavers, learnership candidates or graduates. The programmes aim to equip new employees with the “survival skills” required to cope with three vital business skills i.e. email writing, report writing and basic presentation skills. The programmes are highly suitable to be used as part of an induction programme or at any time early on in the employees career. Companies can opt to do any one, or all three, of the programmes. They are highly practical, fun and user-friendly.  


6. Who are your team-building getaways aimed at? 

They are aimed at groups from any company who require a short get-away to work on building harmony, trust and interdependence between the members of their teams. The getaways are fun but deal with serious issues such as problem solving, getting to know and trust each other and improving interpersonal communication and conflict handling. This is done through workshops and activities. A popular and unique outdoor activity with our clients is to include fly-fishing tuition and competitions as one of the team building exercises. This is thoroughly enjoyed by male and female and is a very unique idea to complete your team building getaway. We are very flexible and can arrange and facilitate your whole getaway, or just the team building exercises and leave the conferencing detail to you.