Customer Care / Service Excellence

Customer Care or Service Excellence means exactly what the name implies. This programme enables all staff to 'care' for their clients and customers using techniques which demonstrate excellence.

Customer Care training only works if everyone, at every level, in an organisation "buys" into the concepts of how to look after the needs of your customers. With this in mind this programme is offered at two different levels:

"Customer Care for Managers" and "Customer Care for Front Line Staff."

Both offer practical insight into the practical skills involved in looking after your customers. The programmes cover the essential aspects such as setting standards, the core competencies required for working with people, improving listening skills, evaluating your attitude, the welcome process, handling complaints and awkward situations, proactive telephone etiquette and the use and understanding of body language.

The management programme also reveals to managers what we have taught their front line staff, and shows them how they must enhance this and support their staff with their own positive input.

Both programmes are highly interactive and practical and involve games, role-plays, interactive discussion and simulations.  

This Customer Care programme is all about learning practical skills for excelling in offering excellent service to customers. Staff learn to communicate effectively face-to-face or telephonically across barriers created by culture, language or hierarchy.  

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To learn to instill a sense of belonging and belief in customer care.

  • To establish who the customer is and what s/he wants.

  • To create practical care lists - who relies on who?

  • To use the essential ingredients and competencies required in caring for your customer.

  • To understand the communication process.

  • To improve your listening skills.

  • To ensure that you have a good attitude.

  • To perfect "The welcome process".

  • To use proactive telephone techniques and etiquette.

  • To handle complaints effectively.

  • To learn to use positive body language.

  • To understand diversity in body language according to culture etc.


    NQF Level


    Applicable Unit Standard

    Care for Customers (246740  US. No.)

    Credits Awarded



    Two days

    Target Audience

    Customer care is aimed at all employees who need to learn to polish and develop excellent people skills to care for their customers.

    Training Medium

    Interactive outcome based workshop, including a Living Dynamics learner workbook, exercises, role-plays, games and communicative activities.

    We should never forget that without customers none of us would have jobs!