Image Consultations & Workshops

Image consultations and workshops follow the principe that we need to look our best, in order to perform our best! Choice of colours, style and fit of your clothing has an impact on the way others perceive you. The good news is that you CAN do something to ensure that you are wearing the correct choice of colour and style to "sell yourself" in the most positive way possible. This will assist you to feel confident and radiant.

Image consulting can be done on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Advice will be given concerning, colours that work for you, figure analysis, advice on hair colour and style, a make-up demonstration and advice on wardrobe planning and shopping. The length of the workshops will vary according to the client's needs and group size. With obvious adaptations, image consultancy is suitable for both females and males.

Success is in your own hands! Let us show you how with this fun filled and informative workshop.  

This Image workshop will enable delegates to improve their confidence and create a very positive first impression in their physical appearance and use of body language by knowing how to dress, accessorize and present themselves professionally for the corporate environment.  

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To understand a little about the fashion industry and how we do not have to be "slaves" to it!

  • To learn how choosing the correct colours to wear can have a huge positive impact on our lives.

  • To receive an individual colour and figure analysis and guidelines.

  • To learn how to apply make-up to maximize your features and enhance a natural appearance.

  • Wardrobe planning and budgeting.

  • Posture and body language tips for maximizing your physical appearance.

  • Workshops are suitable and successful for both ladies and men.



    Varies according to group size and needs, from three hours for an individual, to one or two days for a group.

    Target Audience

    This Image workhop is aimed at all employees who would like to maximise their physical appearance and confidence levels.

    Training Medium

    Workshop or one-on-one sessions, using power point slides, colour charts and fabrics, make-up demonstrations and interactive discussion and activities.